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XXII IOCV Conference


22nd IOCV Conference - 2022


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Invited keynote talks will run for 25-30 mins. All other invited talks will run for 12-15 mins.


Session 1 Huanglongbing

Chair: Changyong Zhou

7 Sept 6 am PDT (GMT-7)

Speaker Presentation
Georgios Vidalakis IOCV Chair address
John Da Graça The centenary of citrus greening in South Africa
Changyong Zhou The current status of HLB control and research in China
Leandro Peña

The threat of huanglongbing to European citrus and means to control disease‐associated bacteria and vectors

Shailaja Rabindran Citrus greening management strategies: an APHIS perspective
Mamoudou Sétamou

HLB in Texas: Epidemiological insights and management strategies


Session 2 Citrus Viral Diseases

Chair: Mengji Cao

14 Sept 6 am PDT (GMT-7)

Speaker Presentation
Juliana Freitas‐Astúa

Three reasons why citrus leprosis is becoming increasingly relevant in Brazil KEYNOTE

Jiaxing Wu

Discovery and survey of a new mandarivirus associated with leaf yellow mottle disease of citrus in Pakistan

Svetlana Folimonova

Understanding the molecular interplay between Citrus tristeza virus and plant immunity

Carina Reyes

24K Protein from Citrus psorosis virus (CPsV) interferes with plant miRNA biogenesis

Nelson Wulff Citrus sudden death (CSD) ‐ current status of the disease
Yan Zhou Advances in controlling citrus yellow vein clearing disease


Session 3 Citrus Viroids

Chair: Nerida Donovan

21 Sept 6 am PDT (GMT-7)

Speaker Presentation
Irene Lavagi‐Craddock

Transcriptome and microRNA analysis in dwarfed citrus trees infected with citrus dwarfing viroid KEYNOTE

Nerida Donovan Managing viroids in Australasia and SE Asia
Glynnis Cook Citrus viroids in commercial settings in South Africa
Yuanjian Qiu Effects of RNA‐silencing during antagonism between Citrus exocortis viroid and Citrus bark cracking viroid in ‘Etrog’ citron (Citrus medica L.)
Julia Figueroa Citrus viroids in Northwestern Argentina: an overview
Silvio Lopes Current situation on HLB in Brazil


Session 4 Other Citrus Diseases, Including Emerging

Chair: Robert Krueger

28 Sept 6 am PDT (GMT-7)

Speaker Presentation
Georgios Vidalakis Snapshot: phantom agents and emerging pathogens KEYNOTE
Assunta Bertaccini Phytoplasmas and phytoplasma diseases in citrus
Megan Dewdney

The immigrant’s story: The arrival of citrus black spot in Florida and what that revealed

Qin Long

Synergistic mechanisms of CsWRKY22 and CsLOB1 plant growth regulators against citrus canker disease

David Ezra Mal secco disease of citrus, will it forever be the Mediterranean basin problem only or is it coming to other citrus growing areas of the world?
Kitty Cardwell High‐throughput sequencing for plant pathogen diagnostics


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